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Cohesion and Content are the Buzzwords: Vision and Mission of My Company

The company I’ve designed will consist of two different branches: Branch 1 is the technology branch that will create hardware software solutions Branch 2 is the art branch that will focus on the creation of content
The mission of the company I will be writing in my business plan is to deliver an ecosystem of aesthetic products to consumers, companies, and military. Innovate the present to improve our future. Facilitate creativity and an ethical world.
As a vision the company will make a name for itself and its staff. Become the sole revenue generator for its owner and constituents; and a learning environment throughout the life of the company. A few of the Quick goals: Develop a mobile application IOTs experts Pitch to other companies Website design Design a first draft comic book Story board first season of a comic book Over the long term the company’s Stretch goals: Develop an operating system Develop design software Develop manufacturing hardware Develop a fitness tracking device …

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