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"If All the Raindrops Were Lemon Drops..."

I don’t measure myself by my status or achievements; because I’ve always been ambitious and aware of my capabilities.I’m a goal oriented lifelong learner. I’m excited for self-fulfillment of ‘destiny’. I don’t believe in anything clandestine or religious; but I do believe I’m not done fighting for a better life.

I’m afraid. Don’t let my arrogance or determination fool you. Nothing in society is guaranteed. We’re ruled by money at the mercy of others. I could be reject by every company I apply for. I could fail out of the university or run out of funds. What if I never become stable enough to start a family?  My curiosity, innovative mind, stubbornness to conform, and intelligence would be wasted in an entry level job. I’m terrified with the possibility of an unfulfilled life and boredom, like a prisoner fears solitary confinement.
I thrive on solving of problems and working on puzzles, and often feel dissatisfied with the mundane. 
I pride myself when I recognize a need, and plan sys…

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